NoteCase 1.9

Note manager with numerous functionsto handle everyday notes
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Miroslav Rajcic

NoteCase is a portable note manager with numerous functions that make it perfect to handle everyday notes. Written in C++ and with a simple GUI, it has been designed to work with effectiveness and speed offering all the necessary tools to create and organize notes of all types. It works grouping notes into hierarchies; basically, individual notes or groups of notes, also called ‘nodes’, are arranged into categories and sub categories and grouped into a document (with the .NDG extension). That is, we can create a ‘To-do’ list, and then add as many subnotes as we need.
The main window is divided into two sections, on the left showing the tree-like structure of our nodes, and the contents of our notes on the right. On the tree-like structure, we can move and sort nodes in several ways. Notes’ titles can be renamed, and we can even add customized icons to make them look more attractive.
On the other hand, the program uses formatted text for the contents of the notes, which implies we can use different colors, fonts, styles, sizes, etc. The text can also include links to other notes in our PC and also to websites. Apart from that, we can add attachments to a note, and also embed images in several formats.
This free program works on Windows and Linux, and has been translated into several languages. Unfortunately, the project has been discontinued, but still the application is available to download from the website.

Mariel Rearte
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